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We are excited to introduce WIDTH to end the endless search.

Here’s the story ⬇️
How many documents, files, and messages are created by you, the team, and the company in a day? Scary alert: they will be accumulated forever!
However, according to Ebbinghaus, we forget 60% of what we got in one hour, and 80% in a week. Thus, it’s impossible to remember all the information! To ace our work, the answer is to find it quickly.
But why don’t we have a Google-like search in our work that finds everything, no matter where it is, what it is, or how old it is 🤔?
That’s where the story began.

WIDTH is easy to use and offers self-serve options, so you and your team can start using it immediately on our website width.app
Connect your apps including Gmail, Google Drive, Notion, and Slack to find what you need quickly and efficiently.
Last but not least, we always prioritizes privacy and data protection. Your data is stored safely and we never sell it.

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  1. Nova Ember says:

    The simplicity makes it accessible for everyone