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Before WP SEO Hub there were two main types of solutions that most WordPress users relied on for improving their SEO. The do-it-yourself approach or the pay an SEO professional approach. From our agency experience, we came to realize that both options can have potential drawbacks. One can be time-consuming and convoluted and the other is often not in the budget.
WP SEO Hub makes SEO execution simple and straightforward for WordPress users by giving them access to the same tools SEO professionals rely on every day. It walks users through a step-by-step list of tasks they must complete in order to optimize their site and keep it ranking on a monthly basis. Then it provides reporting to make sure that users are able to track their SEO analytics and adjust their strategy accordingly.

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  1. Ruby Diaz says:

    very well made

  2. Lawrence Torres says:

    I like it

  3. Tommy Bishop says:

    An indispensable tool for both work and personal life.