WunderGraph Cosmo – Comprehensive GraphQL API Management With Routing, Analytics, And Tracing. external link

WunderGraph Cosmo is a comprehensive platform designed for managing Federated GraphQL APIs at scale. It consolidates essential tools including routing, schema registry, composition checks, analytics, and distributed tracing into a single, integrated solution. Supporting both Federation v1 and v2, along with Subscriptions, Cosmo ensures compatibility and flexibility across various GraphQL architectures.

Developers benefit from Cosmo’s powerful command-line interface (CLI) and advanced request tracing capabilities, empowering rapid iteration and optimization of GraphQL APIs. Whether deployed locally, on-premises, or as a managed cloud service, Cosmo offers unmatched deployment flexibility to meet diverse compliance and operational requirements.

By unifying critical API management functions, WunderGraph Cosmo simplifies the development, scaling, and maintenance of GraphQL APIs. It’s the ideal choice for organizations seeking efficiency, scalability, and comprehensive lifecycle management in their GraphQL API ecosystems.

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