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Paper business and name cards will soon be history. Start connecting digitally with xID Digital Business Card. Get it free on Google Play and iOS App Store. Impress the people you meet with xID.

Anyone can create a Digital Business Card in less than 5 minutes. Create multiple xIDs (Digital Business Card) for any personal and business scenario.

Simply show your xID Digital Business Card to be scanned by any QRcode scanner, your contact details will be saved into the recipient’s smart phone contact list.

OCR or image scanning of paper business card can never guarantee 100% accuracy for contact data saved, xID Digital Business Card allows your contact data to be saved with 100% accuracy on the recipient’s smart phone.

Push updates of your contact details to all your network with 1 in-app action, updates your phonebook automatically whenever your friends update their contact details

A Contacts Manager and Universal QR code scanner is also built-in our mobile App for your convenience. Ditch the paper business cards and introduce yourself with xID Digital Business Card!

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