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ZenRows API handles rotating proxies, headless browsers, and CAPTCHAs for you. Easily collect content from any website with a simple API call. We also offer a Proxy connection in case you prefer it.

ZenRows will bypass any anti-bot or blocking system to help you obtain the info you are looking for. For that, we include several options such as Javascript Rendering or Premium Proxies. There is also the autoparse option that will return structured data automatically. It will convert unstructured content into structured data (JSON), with no code necessary.

ZenRows offers a high accuracy and success rate without any human intervention. No more CAPTCHAs or setting up proxies; it will be handled for you. Some domains are especially complicated (i.e., Instagram), and for those, Premium Proxies are usually required. After enabling them, the success rate will be equally high. In case the request returns an error, we will not compute nor charge that request. Only successful requests will count.

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