Zig Zag Zoe – Hardest Arcade Game EVER external link

Zig Zag Zoe Free another expected hit Arcade Game in App Store from SA APPS after the success of Tik Tak Toe Free in board games category

Fun Addictive challenge for every one with sharp reflexes, I bet the most challenging arcade game ever built.

Control and move the disc along the Zig Zag path and don’t hit the obstacles. Move ahead between them too and fro.

Tap fast left or right to switch the direction! How fast can you react?

Sounds simple? Challenge yourself in this amazing free arcade game!

I Bet you hardly make double figure score in undreds of try TRY. I was near half century LOL but hit on 49 let’s see how far can you go!

How to play :

– Tap to switch directions
– Don’t hit the wall!
– Don’t hit the obstacles!
– Collect the Gold bar
– Make high Scores

Zig Zag Zoe Free features:

– Awesome graphics that bring the best out of this addictive arcade game.
– Simple yet challenging gameplay that count on your quick reflexes.
– Harderst game that challenges and enagages yuo to play it for hours forgetting any other work.
– Smooth interface make it easier to navigate with in the app

Feedbacks are appreciated as usual and are important for us to improve the game further in upcoming updates

So Kindly give your views on iTunes and share the game with friends to let them enjoy and face the challenge at once!

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  1. Jerald Henderson says:

    It is a great app thank you

  2. Mark Baker says:

    If your looking for the perfect app PICK THIS ONE IT IS PERFECT!!