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Zizle is an innovative lifestyle and social networking application designed to bring authenticity and human connection back to social media. We’ve had enough of performative and overcrowded social media, and we’ve decided to launch a totally different app. At Zizle, you’ll get your unique voice heard and connect with your people in your own unique way. Zizle has a unique feature that allows you to send digital content to the future. Time Capsules allow you to create personalized messages, memories and content for yourself or others and open it at a later date. From sending a mini podcast to your long-distance bestie to a love letter for your partner on Valentine’s Day, the possibilities are digital gold. Create anticipation and excitement while you wait for your Time Capsules to arrive, and enhance those special moments such as graduations, birthdays, retirements and more. Freeze memories and send digital memories to the future.

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