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Zoobe Cam Eve is an easy way to share your fun with friends and family: Take a photo, speak your comment, and a cute fully-animated character will deliver a video message for you.
Zoobe Cam Eve is a brand new iOS messaging app that allows you to create, send and post 3D animated videos.
Zoobe Cam provides users with a new way to communicate with their friends.
Right after the successful launch of the iPhone app Zoobe Cam the second version is now available in App Stores around the world: Eve is the new ambassador of personal messages in entertaining 3D animation movies. With her long legs, big blue eyes and different looks she adds human touch and sex appeal to messaging. Just like the previously launched app Zoobe Cam, Eve enables users to create individual voice messages with their own background pictures.
Eve comes with four different styling alternatives: Her classical jeans and T-shirt look raises attention, just as her playful Bavarian style. If you like to enchant recipients you should go for the sexy witch outfit.
Eve is able to express her feelings in several ways depending on the message’s content. This can be her most beautiful smile, an apagogically lowering of her gaze or a lasciviously lolling on the screen. The user alone decides which emotional state fits best to this message – same goes for the pictures, which add an extra emotional touch to the lip synchronized Zoobe Cam messages.
You can pick images from your own gallery or make new ones directly with Zoobe Cam, after finishing the first steps, the app combines all those elements to a 3D animation movie, which you can share with your friends via e-mail, SMS, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.
Zoobe Cam Eve is available in most of the countries and already featured in App Stores in UK etc.

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